Nightfall: game developed for Ludum Dare 32

We managed to write a post-mortem about Nightfall, our Ludum Dare 32 jam entry. The theme was An Unconventional Weapon, so this is a simple game using the darkness as weapon, loosely based on Isaac Asimov’s Nightfall short story. See a fragment of the post-mortem:

What is the game about

You control Doctor Sheerin, a brilliant researcher who finds a new and amazing thing: The Darkness. But his new discover didn’t got the attention of the population the way he desire: they want to destroy it. People are afraid of The Darkness, since the planet they live is surrounded by light all the time at each single point of its surface. So Doc. Sheerin must protect the reactor, a huge machine that generate and nurture a practical gun that fire shots of darkness at things, reacting extremely weird at living beings.

You can continue reading the article on this link, and play the game on this one. We now will implement missing things and fix the so many bugs everywhere 😉

Game screenshot, as submitted for the jam

As a side note, we are now moving the code from Gitlab to our GitHub account. For the exactly code used for the submission, you can checkout the ld32 tag, but this does not contain the platform specific changes for the build (Linux, OS X and Windows).